what do people get?

“What do people usually get?” is the most common question I get during pre-session consultation or in-person ordering sessions. Everyone has different needs and goals of the session, and I offer an array of highest quality products to meet those needs and to preserve the images in a timeless way. Most of my clients are new families with new homes and plenty of wall space to decorate – so they usually go for larger prints or canvases. Some people grew up with picture albums, marking each year of their lives, and so they want the same for their kids. I always try to get the feel what is the best for the family and suggest the best products to order.

Here is a sample order – yay for me for remembering to take pictures! Here it goes:

*prints for walls and frames, ranging from 16×20 to 5×7; all packaged up and ready to go

raleigh newborn photographers nc 3 what do people get?

*10×20 horizontal storyboard to show off some details of little princess

raleigh newborn photographers nc 4 what do people get?

*couple brag books for both grandmasicon smile what do people get?

raleigh newborn photographers nc 2 what do people get?

*full digital collection that comes in custom made canvas box with all images printed in 5×7 for color reference and a CD containing all full resolution images and all images sized for web/facebook/email/family blog

raleigh newborn photographers nc what do people get?

*everything goes into a tote that most clients end up using for their grocery shoppingicon smile what do people get?

raleigh newborn photographers

Hope that helps for those, who are having hard time deciding what to get!

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