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Just wanted to quickly say I am still here 🙂 I have had so many beautiful sessions, saw my old friends and met some new. I will share all the images as soon as Holidays are over, cause those are the images that went on Holiday cards and landed on custom gifts for aunts and grandmas and cousins.

Are you regretting you missed out on a chance to update your family’s photo this year? Do you always feel like you are not ready for a close-up? You hair has not been cut in couple months, your nails are not done, you still have those last few pounds to, no chances for pictures this year, maybe next year….. So when I came across this article, I felt it was a perfect summary of what is really important. Definitely put everything in perspective.

Spend a quiet moment to read it… is there a perfect time? by deb schwedhelm

a friend posed this question today on her facebook wall: what is holding you back from booking a family photo session?

quite a few women (moms) quickly commented that their weight is holding them back, which made me really sad. and a few posted money, which i understand but i also believe that there’s enough photographers out there to cover everybody’s budget.

this all led me to thinking about the perfect time.

is there ever a perfect time to have photographs taken of your family?

i posted on our wallflower friends blog today about an awesome article i read, which had the overall theme of taking the time to slow down and appreciate life and the everyday beauty that surrounds us. in a swirly kind of way, i feel what i shared there and what i’m sharing here is totally intertwined.

it’s so easy to say –
i’m too fat.
i have too much going on.
we’re too busy.
maybe next year.

but i just want to say STOP IT! we need to take the time to appreciate the value of family photos, if not for ourselves (because we’re too fat or whatever), then for our children. in 20 years, your children are not going to say,

i really love this photo of my family but i wish my mom had waited until she lost some weight.

and i think about steve’s mom, who died when she was 40, only months after being diagnosed with breast cancer. steve was five at the time she passed away. he cherishes every single photo of his mom (not just the ones where she was thin, beautiful and looked perfect).

and kirsten sandstrom, who recently passed away at the age of 37, leaving behind a husband and three young boys. i don’t think for one second that those boys will look at photographs of their mom (who pre-cancer probably wished she could have lost some weight) and see her as anything except the most amazing and beautiful mom there ever was.

Professional photographer
professional photographer
professional photographer

we never know what tomorrow will bring our way. and life is quickly racing by; before we know it, our kids will be grown and leaving the house.


i hope that this will inspire someone, who might be waiting for that perfect time or to lose a couple of pounds, to book a photographer…today!

and let us all try to slow down, remember what’s important and see and hear the everyday beauty that surrounds us.

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  • December 1, 2011

    inga - That is so true not just about photos but about life overall.We all want a bigger house a better car, more clothes, but life is not about that! After my son was born I realize it more and more.

  • January 6, 2012

    Kelly Gorney - Okay, this definitely made me cry. I especially think, as photographers, we don’t often get in front of the camera enough. It is so important to have these photos as memories for our children. Thank you for posting this reminder!

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